DAEON(TM) Portable Video Projector for iPhone 7 6 7s 6s plus 100 ANSI Lumens LED 854 x 480 HDMI – Projector for Movie TV Photo Sharing Video Games

November 8, 2016 - Comment

Required Accessory: Apple lightning digital AV Adapter ( NOT INCLUDED )

Compatible with iPhone 7 6, iPhone 7 6 Plus and iPhone 7s 6S
LED Light Source up to 30,000 hrs of life, ECO friendly
Up to 100 Lumens Brightness
WVGA (854 x 480) resolution
Battery Operated
Power Bank for Smartphone

This iPhone Projector is designed to work with iPhone 7 and 6 series with Apple lightning digital AV adapter. It also has an additional HDMI/MHL port to connect to other devices such as notebooks, DVD players, tablets, game consoles etc.. The Pico Projector is equipped with the latest LED projection technology and delivers clear, sharp, bright, dazzling color quality images with an operating life of over 30,000 hours. What appears on your iPhone can now be easily mirrored onto a big screen for work or play !!

Display Technology: DLP Technology 0.3″ imager
Light Source: 3 x LED RGB
Native Resolution: WVGA 854*480
Brightness: Up to 100 Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
Throw Ratio: 1.6:1 ( Distance/Width )
Screen Size: Diagonal 7″~120″ ( 18~305cm )
I/O Connectors: HDMI x 1/ MHL x 1; USB x 1 (Multimedia & Charging) Audio Out 3.5mm; Built-in Speaker 1W x 1
Battery: Built-in Battery 2400mAh
Battery Life: Approx. 1.5 hour
Dimensions / Weight: 173(L)*88(W)*26mm(H) / 194 gm (6.8 oz)

Product Features

  • Please note that you need to have a HDMI to lightening cable first to connect the projector and your phone. After connecting them, your phone image will mirror to the projector and show you a larger screen.
  • Compatible with iPhone 7 6 7s 6s 7+ 6+ 7s+ 6s+. Resolution: native 854*480 Pixels, Support 1080p decoding Contrast:2000:1
  • Brightness: 100 ANSI Lumens, 1.07 billion color. Very good for you to watch movies or other videos when you feel phone screen is too small.
  • Image Size: 18~150 inches, 70 inches recommended Projection Distance: 0.23~3.5m RGB LED light source by OSRAM up to 20000 hours of lifetime, 80W Power.
  • This projector could also be a power bank when in urgent cases. The build in battery is 2400mAh, not much but you will find it useful when in some urgent situations.


Amazon Customer says:

Get it! You won’t be sorry, dear iPhone 6 users! iPhone 6 users, this is the projector for you! If you just need a simple projector to use with your phone, this one is so easy! Just insert your phone in the device, connect the Apple lightning AV adapter (sold separately), and enjoy! Simple compared to other projectors which need HDMI cords and tedious set up. You’ll most likely need speakers. I plug mine in, but there are other options. This projector mirrors anything on your phone: YouTube, Netflix, your photos, your Kindle books, your…

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Ly B. says:

I love it. It works amazing I was really excited when I received this IPhone 6 portable projector. I love it. It works amazing. This projector mirrors your iPhone. You also can connect to android phones, tablets, laptops, and USB drives by connecting it to an additional input port. AWESOME. It was so easy to use and play whatever you want it to. I also took it to work and showed a slide show presentation off my phone. The picture and sound is amazing, it was so clear. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking to by…

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