Huawei Honor 6X Dual Camera Unlocked Smartphone, 32GB Silver (US Warranty)

April 29, 2018 - Comment

Honor has created a device that gives a double dose of what you would expect of a smart device. With the Honor 6x’s dual-lens 12MP + 2MP rear camera and ultra-fast focus time of 0.3 seconds you can capture colorful HD photos day or night. To double the camera capability, the Honor 6x also features a wide aperture range (F/0.95-F/16) that allows for a professional-grade shallow depth of field effect (blurred Background). the 6x’s Octa-core processor(16nm) and 3GB RAM, in addition to its smart file system allows for seamlessly running Multiple apps at the same time. And last, but certainly not least, the battery delivers 2.15 days of usage. These features and many more culminate in double the performance of your average smart device. The Honor 6x, it’s double or nothing.

Product Features

  • The dual-lens 12MP + 2MP rear Camera captures colorful HD photos day or night and Features an ultra-fast focus time of 0.3 Seconds.When two SIM cards are inserted, only one SIM card can be set as the 4G/3G/2G SIM. The other SIM card slot only supports 2G networks.
  • An Octa-Core processor(16nm) and 3GB RAM, Plus the smart file system allows for gaming, browsing, listening to music or running multiple apps at the same time.
  • Wide Aperture range (F/0.95-Back for/16) allows for a professional-grade shallow depth of field blurred background effect.
  • The Honor 6x battery delivers a delightful 2.15 days of usage, and 1.5 days of very heavy usage, on a full charge.
  • Dual card dual standby single pass:supports only dual card dual standbysingle pass, which means you cannot use both SIMcards for calls or data services simultaneously


Bbta says:

Honor next budget friendly phone. How does is it compare to the 5x? Update:I am changing the review to 5 stars. After few more days of use: the 6x clearly outranks the 5x in design (which is growing on me), WiFi and cell reception, performance and battery life.Honor 5x was the first true “budget” smart phone. Metal design and fingerprint sensor where rarely seen on any phone with close price tag at that time, are becoming more and more standard now. That being said that device had some shortfalls. The performance with the snapdragon was…

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Paul says:

Better than my Moto X I’m really surprised what a great phone this is for $250.The battery life is the best I have ever seen, barely hitting 40% after a day of frequent use including Bluetooth audio and navigation. The processor is fast, no lag in apps. The fingerprint sensor works great. I really like the EMUI, much better notification system than the standard Android 6. Camera, reception, display – no regrets here either.Also worth mentioning: Unlike my previous Samsung, Motorola and LG phones, you can…

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J.H. says:

Not Cheap, All Quality. ***The 7x With 6in 18:9 Display Is Now On Amazon Pre-Order And Begins Shipping On Jan 25 For $200! Similar Specs, More Screen And Unibody, Too. Go For It!!!***This is a very good device. I was looking for a new phone because the screen of my entry level LG X Power was cracked to hell. My budget of around $100 had me looking at yet more budget phones from my carrier. 16 gigs of storage, 2 gigs of RAM, larger but mediocre screens, average chipsets, plastic build all around. I shopped…

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