pH-D Feminine Health Support, Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories, Bottle of 24 (600mg)

November 29, 2016 - Comment

Vajayjay. Girly bits. Hoo-ha. Whatever you call it, your vagina is an amazing organ with a delicate chemical balance that keeps it clean and healthy. A healthy vagina is naturally acidic and contains beneficial bacteria that help defend against infections and maintain a normal pH level. It’s an amazing system, but every now and then it can be a little “off.” A vaginal infection can ruin your day, your week, or your month if it gets out of hand. It’s annoying, embarrassing and uncomfortable, but that’s not all. An unbalanced vaginal pH can leave you more susceptible to serious issues like fertility problems, infections, STDs and PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). When things get out of whack, it’s important to restore balance as quickly as possible. pH-D Feminine Health Support is a natural defense against unbalanced vaginal pH and can help get things back to normal quickly. For the utmost protection of your health, pH-D Feminine Health Support suppositories are manufactured… * with pharmaceutical grade boric acid. * in the United States * in a facility has the highest certification possible-a GMP/HACCP compliant facility that is also SQF product safety management certified. * in a facility that is FDA registered * under safe, sanitary conditions compliant with the FDA rules and regulations * with ingredients that are 3rd party tested * with each lot/batch of finished product 3rd party tested to satisfy FDA protocol and standards before being released for sale . * with product labeling that meets the FDA requirements for over-the-counter medical products

Product Features

  • QUALITY: pH-D® is the only boric acid product made in a FDA pharma-registered GMP/HAACP/SQF facility for your safety.
  • #1 BEST SELLING: Proven more effective by tens of thousands of women
  • EXPERT SCIENCE: Developed by physicians and healthcare professionals and based on published clinical studies
  • VALUE: 2 product sizes to suit your needs


Amy H. says:

Real Deal Holyfield Okay ladies: I know we all get super squirmy when we have to discuss our hoo-ha’s but I just wanna throw this out there because I read all the reviews before I tried this product and I want to give my honest feedback so you, too, can make an informed decision. 

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V says:

Seriously changed my life I have never posted a review on Amazon before but I really want to share how amazing this stuff is. I want to share my story with all of you because I know there are probably so many other women out there who have the same issues as me, and obviously it’s not an easy thing to discuss with someone who isn’t your doctor. 

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Genibee says:

Antibiotics makes it even worse. I found my answer through prayer and ask … Ladies!!!Ladies!!! Ladies!!!! I have had many feminine issues for over 5 yes, did not know what to do. Went to many doctors, they could not give me the right medication to correct the issues I was having. From dryness to yeast infections to body odor etc. Even getting to the point where I find no pleasure in going intimate with my husband cause I always had to buy douches to flush myself before I get intimate with him. Many years I’ve looked and tried different products to get rid of this…

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