Sage Software Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2017

November 29, 2016 - Comment

Your expanding business needs easy-to-use yet powerful accounting, inventory, and reporting functionality. Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2017 provides at-a-glance dashboards and management centers, plus budget and analysis tools to help you make confident decisions. Consolidate financials, compare multiple budgets, and create custom reports for greater business insight.

Product Features

  • Easy-to-use software that saves you time and money
  • Accounting, inventory management and reporting for strategic growth
  • Powerful tools that help you manage costs, employees, and security
  • One year of support, product upgrades and more!


jan brim says:

I am very disappointed in Sage 50 since I have been a loyal … I have a previous version of the Sage 50 Premium Accounting Software. They do updates only if you’re subscribed to their $500 yearly fee for the software otherwise you have to buy the new software as new each year. The customer support from Sage 50 also told me if I bought this product from Amazon at this price, I can only make 3 total calls to their support center regarding any issue and after that I will be charged. However subscribing to their $500/year plan for their product included…

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Jamie says:

I’m Better Off with a Subscription Note: I am not a software specialist. I am an average user and my review is based upon my opinion of the product. 

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Tell It Like It Is says:

Very capable, top shelf, full featured accounting suite. Unlimited Sage tech support and updares require a $500 annual fee. This software installed easily and quickly. It did not slow down my computer (i7, Windows 10), nor did it interfere with any other software. If you have ever used Quickbooks, or any of the other popular accounting software programs, you will be able to figure this product out quickly. There are plenty of online resources (tutorials, etc.) for learning to use this high powered product (at least the basics). 

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