Samsung Galaxy View 18.4″; 32 GB Wifi Tablet (White) SM-T670NZWAXAR

January 18, 2017 - Comment

The Samsung Galaxy View is entertainment on your terms. Stream content on an 18.4″ full HD display with stereo sound. Switch easily between live TV, streaming video and your favorite apps just by tapping the touchscreen. And take it all with you from living room to kitchen to your room and more. With the Galaxy View, you always have the best seat in the house.

easychoice_landing_header Samsung Galaxy View 18.4"; 32 GB Wifi Tablet (White) SM-T670NZWAXAR

Product Features

  • Instant access to movies and TV with touchscreen grid menu
  • Ideal for streaming movies, gaming, and browsing
  • Integrated handle for easy portability (1)
  • Extra-large, Full HD display for vivid detail
  • Designed for sharing with family and friends
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life per charge (2)


Roger S says:

Great as a second monitor!!!!! And More!!! There is a use for this monitor that I don’t think most people have considered. By running an app called “twomonusb”, which is available in the Google Play Store, I can use this as a second monitor. I have it connected, using a USB cable, to my 13 in Asus Zenbook Windows 10 computer. I love it. I think you can use it with a Mac also but I have not tested this. One more excuse for buying this strange but wonderful device. Of course, I also love it with my Tivo app, as a tv where I don’t…

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Amazon Customer says:

A great unit for a specific niche of user. I have used the Galaxy View for a few days now. Since I bought the tablet on sale for $350.00, I feel I got a great deal. I have been very impressed with the unit as I use it for mostly movie viewing, reading e-books and digital comics, running mobile versions of Microsoft Office and using unit as a desktop pc replacement. (Works very nicely with USB OTG connected keyboard, mouse and hard drive.) The unit can playback Digital MKV files from my Hard Drive that are sized over 30GB with no…

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David L.G. Crawford says:

Why buy a desktop or laptop… What an AWESOME tablet. This thing is massive. Great viewing even outdoors. It has a built in stand, that flips so you can use it standing up, or laying down. This thing is larger, faster, and more powerful than my top-of-the-line laptop… at 1/4 the price!The only downside is it’s so large it wouldn’t be very portable… but if you are just moving around the house, grab one of these monsters, you’ll love it!

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