Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Markers, Ultra Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 24-Count

November 29, 2016 - Comment

Crank up the color with limited Edition Sharpie color burst permanent markers! Intensely bright, the supercharged shades create energizing visuals that always stand out. Each color burst Sharpie marker also features bold, vivid ink that’s quick drying, water resistant and permanent for lasting impressions on almost any surface. Whether you’re using marker pens to draw on paper or mark on plastic, you’ll boldly ignite your Expressions with Sharpie color burst.

Product Features

  • Intensely bright limited edition colors
  • Marker pens offer permanent, quick drying ink that is great for use on paper, plastic, wood and leather
  • Ultra-fine tip produces precise lines
  • AP Certified ink is water, smear and fade-resistant
  • 24 pack includes: 5 Color Burst and 19 classic color Sharpie permanent markers


iiiireader says:

Five new colors in Limited Edition 2016 – great additions to existing Sharpie colors In addition to receiving a sample of the 24 piece ultra-fine set of Sharpies which include the five limited edition colors, I also purchased both the Ultra-fine and the Fine Point in the Color Burst Limited Edition five piece set. I use my Sharpies on a regular basis but am always looking for new colors to add. 

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Kappa says:

Asked for ” color burst “. And got 80s glam. Ugh! I am a Sharpie devotee. I use them for my artwork that is mostly pen and pencil drawings. I do a lot of fine detail work and use these ultra-fine point pens. What is nice about Sharpie is their consistency for color, with the exception of these special 24 packs they put out every once in a while. This particular order washroom “Color Burst ” and I received the “80’s Glam Color”. So, I’ll have to review the 80s glam. 

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debbie_sc says:

lisa frank colors for people who need to be taken seriously as adults so fun, i love sharpies. i have all the special editions. do i need them? no. but my inner lisa frank 90s girl just can’t live without them. i color in my coloring books and drink girly wine because i’m a grown woman and i do what i want

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