weBoost Drive 3G-S Cell Phone Signal Booster Cradle Mount Holder for Car, Truck and RV Use – Enhance Your Signal up to 32x. For Single Device.

February 25, 2017 - Comment

Whether you’re making a call, streaming music or using GPS, the weBoost Drive 3G-S cellular signal booster gives you a stronger signal on the road while helping preserve battery life.


Staying connected is essential, but it can be difficult on the road. Hills, trees and distance from the signal source all affect call quality not to mention streaming services and GPS systems.


Drive 3G-S is essential for any kind of travel:

Commuting to work Running errands Heading out of town for the weekend


Drive 3G-S substantially improves your cellular signal strength, giving you the reliable voice and data coverage you need including 3G in locations where you normally experience a weak signal.


With weBoost, staying connected is easier than ever, even on the go, with simple DIY installation. The Drive 3G-S includes all components needed for installation:


Cradle-mount booster Magnet-mount antenna Booster mounting options


Product Features

  • SINGLE USER CRADLE – weBoost’s most affordable 3G vehicle cell phone signal booster.
  • BOOSTS CELL SIGNALS UP TO 32X – Enhances 3G and voice signals for one person in a vehicle (car, truck, van or RV).
  • BETTER VOICE AND DATA – Get fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster uploads and downloads.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL US NETWORKS – Works on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Straight Talk and more.
  • QUICK, EASY SETUP – Do-it-yourself installation.
  • PERFROMANCE GUARANTEED – Manufacturer 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.


Jesse D Harris says:

Believe the hype After seeing many late-night infomercials on boosting cell signal, you start to get jaded thinking that all the products on the market are complete snake oil. After hearing a lot of raving about Wilson Electronics (now weBoost), I finally decided to take the plunge for those rural areas where service just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. 

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Deanna J Morgan says:

Needs improvements, know what you are buying I’m really pretty disappointed. I don’t want to say this down right doesn’t work but it barely works even with purchased improvements. 

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Amazon Customer says:

Same result for areas where there is better signal. I consulted the manufacturer This may work for others, but the needle didn’t move a millimeter when I activated this (sitting stationary) in a “1 bar” area which I drive through daily and where calls always get dropped. Same result for areas where there is better signal. I consulted the manufacturer, tried multiple configurations, even adjusting my phone to not use “auto” mode but only use the specific radio frequencies that the unit works with; nada. External antenna mount also a drawback, cannot run…

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