Zorbitz Inc. – Lucky Karma Bracelet with Amethyst for Good Health / Inner Strength

November 29, 2016 - Comment

This beautiful bracelet created from genuine Amethyst and Wooden Karma beads. Wear these bead always and you can have good health, be calm and tranquil, filled with peace and joy, free of stress and addiction, experience soothing, restful sleep, be open to new possibilities and new passions, enhance your creative abilities, and always discover the strength and beauty that lies within. Comes with an attached card with the above text.

Product Features

  • Amethyst
  • Feng Shui


Happy Housewife says:

Won’t fit a man. Fits me nicely though. I had bought it for my husband but it didn’t stretch enough to fit him. So it became mine instead. It’s a nice piece of jewelry, but I wouldn’t claim that it has any sort of luck associated with it. It’s pretty though.

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kevin reed says:

wow so big I love the colors! Doesn’t look cheap at all! Packaging in plastic bag has much to be desired especially since its a gift. But beware it is a very large bracelet. Definitely not your regular 7″. Wish it was smaller! Very easily could fit a man.

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Deborah A. says:

Very nice Very nice but Runs a bit big.Good for a Man’s wrist.And took over 3 weeks to Recieve my pacage.I like the idea that it has wooden beads in between the Amythest beads.

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